Melissa MooreMelissa Moore PhD., Founder of Karuna Training
Melissa Moore is the Executive Director of Karuna North America. Melissa has her MA in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University and her PhD. in Psychological Anthropology from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is a Buddhist practitioner, meditation teacher, and the founding faculty director of Karuna Training Europe, where she continues to teach.

Melissa was the founding Director of The Felton Research and Training.  The Felton Institute is dedicated to research and training in best practices that raise the bar of community behavioral health services for the most marginalized populations suffering from severe and chronic mental illness. Melissa left her position with Felton in 2016 to teach Karuna Training full time.

In addition, Melissa is empowered as an Acharya (Senior Teacher and Preceptor) in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.

Karuna Training is training in how to evoke the innate health of the present moment. Confidence in our intrinsic health requires the ability to let go of our interpretations of the world, and learn to relate to phenomena directly, openly and clearly. This takes a lot of training and a compassionate community to ripen our innate wisdom within.

Melissa Moore, PhD.


Susan ChapmanSusan Gillis-Chapman, MA, in Buddhist and Western Psychology from Naropa University, worked with victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. She is a retired, licensed family therapist in Vancouver, BC. Ms. Chapman is an author and authorized senior teacher, or Acharya, in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage.

Ms. Chapman is an experienced meditation practitioner and teacher who spent nine years completing and directing the traditional “3-year meditation retreat” at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia under the mentorship of Pema Chödrön. Ms. Chapman is a lead teacher for Karuna Training, Contemplative Psychology, in North America, and teaches twice yearly in Europe. In April 2014 she published her book, The five Keys to Mindful Communication.


Paul CashmanPaul Cashman, MA, CCS, CGP obtained a master degree in Contemplative Psychology at the Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, in 1978.  He later served as faculty member of the program. Together with the psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Ed Podvoll, Paul was one of the original team leaders of Maitri Psychological Services, a leading treatment program in working with others in extreme states of mind. Later,  Mr. Cashman was a clinical therapist and clinical supervisor in addictions for both the Nova Scotia provincial government as well as the Canadian federal government.

From the late 1990’s  until the present Mr. Cashman has been a core faculty member of Karuna Training,  a training program in contemplative psychology now in six European countries.  Mr. Cashman also has an active practice for individuals, couples, and families in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He is writing a book on the application of contemplative psychology in the therapeutic context, especially as it applies to connecting with the wisdom within emotions.


Sakti Rose, MA, SEP, graduated from Naropa in 1984 in Contemplative Psychotherapy. She was one of the early Maitri Psychological Services therapists as well as a long-time teacher of Maitri Space Awareness and student of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Currently, she practices as a senior Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, specializing in all forms of shock and developmental trauma, as well as all varieties of stress related illness. Sakti teaches these skills in meditation, hospitals, and disaster relief settings. For over twenty years, Sakti has taught mindfulness-awareness meditation in hospitals, corporate and meditative settings. She is a core faculty for Karuna Training. Her personal practice includes 40 plus years of Buddhist meditation, yoga, as well as study with many spiritual masters in the US and Asia.


Sandra Ladley Sandra Ladley, MA, is the Program Director and a core faculty member for Karuna Training North America. She partnered with Melissa Moore to bring Karuna Training to the United States in 2013.. Sandra received her MA in Contemplative Psychology from Naropa University and studied Creative Arts at Bard College and San Francisco State University. She is a Buddhist practitioner and a senior resident teacher in the Shambhala tradition for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Sandra teaches Buddhist, Contemplative Psychology and Dharma Art programs internationally. She draws on ​experiences as a teacher, counselor, and manager in business, technology, mental health, hospice, and creative arts settings to bring depth, warmth and humor to her teaching.


Terry Jaworski, MA, LMHC graduated from Naropa University in 1983 with a degree in Contemplative Psychology. She worked in Community Mental Health for 25 years as a clinician and supervisor. Terry is now in private practice in Seattle, WA and specializes in mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy. She has practiced meditation for 35 years, has been a meditation instructor for 20 years, and is excited to be part of the Karuna Training Team.


Christopher Tamdjidi


Christopher Tamdjidi, Managing Director of Upaya Limited
As a Physicist with an MBA, Chris Tamdjidi was a business consultant for several years, until becoming self-employed. He is now the director of several companies including: Kalapa Academy, Kalapa Hotels, and Upaya. Chris has trained in and practiced meditation and mindfulness for over 18 years. He has guided courses and trainings in meditation, contemplation and leadership for over nine years. Chris is also involved in a research project with the University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) on the theme of meditation at the workplace—impact on stress reduction and resilience.

Karuna Europe Teacher Gathering Schloss Heinzheim, Germany October 2015

Karuna Europe Teacher Gathering
Schloss Heinsheim, Germany
October 2015

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