Karuna Training Certificate in Contemplative Psychology

Introductions to Karuna Training

We will be announcing additional dates for introductory programs soon.

Karuna Training Live! Online

Broken Open: Engaging in Winter of our Discontent w/Sandra Ladley – Nov. 14, 2020 Click here to register now

Evoking the Sacred During the Holidays: Karuna Live! with Melissa Moore – Dec. 19, 2020 Click here to register now

Additional Events

Coloring Our World with Space and Kindness: A Post Graduate Bi-monthly Exploration of Maitri Space Awareness at Home with Melissa Moore, Terry Jaworski, and Kathryn Rile – Sept 14 – Dec 6, 2020 Click here

Attention Karuna Graduates! You are being offered a chance to do more training in Contemplative Psychology with a 10% discount of the Green Zone Institute Advanced training – Have a look here

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Current Karuna Training Cycles

Baltimore, MD, 2019-2021 Training Cycle 

Los Angeles, CA, 2020-21 Basic Training

Upcoming Karuna Training Cycles

Albuquerque 2021 – 2022 Graduate Training – Schedule Here (NEW!)

Recently Completed Karuna Training Cycles

Berkeley, CA, 2016-2018 Training Cycle

Seattle, WA, 2018-2019 Advanced Training Cycle

Albuquerque, NM, 2017-2019 Training Cycle

Berkeley, CA, 2019-2020 Advanced Training Cycle


Karuna Training at a glance


Karuna Training Certificate in Contemplative PsychologyThe core of contemplative psychology is the certainty that within each one of us resides an indestructible and brilliant force. This force, that transcends sickness and health, is called brilliant sanity in the tradition of contemplative psychology.
—Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche